KNSL receives donation from Gymnasium Grotenbach

February 2010

Students with a cheque

Students of Gymnasium Grotenbach presenting a cheque with revenues generated at the 2009 Christmas bazar

This month our organization received a very generous donation from Gymnasium Grotenbach in Gummersbach. Board member Brigitte Steinmetz who is a former student of this school accepted a cheque about € 4.000,- for our construction project of the Pujehun Community Library. This donation was part of the overall revenues generated by students, teachers and parents during this year’s Christmas bazar.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the bazar for their great contribution and are very happy to see this example of aid and solidarity between students living in different worlds. The new  Pujehun Community Library shall be well equipped with books and tables so that children and youths in the region can really benefit from this facility and can improve their school education.