2017: Our Concept for a Vocational Training Institute in Pujehun

November 2016

Proposed Project Title: Breaking the Marginalization Cycle: Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) & Skills Development for Pujehun District, Sierra Leone
Duration: 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2020

A large village household.

A large village household.

Concept Note: KNSL intends to support the people of Pujehun District, through the partner agency, Pujehun Youths for Development (PYD), by helping to establish a TVET Institute in the District Headquarters, Pujehun, to improve skills, employment and livelihood prospects for disadvantaged youth and women, including disabled people. The initiative is grounded on the premise that by targeting these beneficiaries, the programme would reach a major proportion of the population that has been denied access to high quality technical and vocational education and increase their employability. This would in turn translate into improved livelihoods for the beneficiaries, their families and the District as a whole.

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2013-2016 Project: Improvement of Living Conditions

June 2013 – May 2016

Summary of End-of-Project Report:
“Sustainable Food Security and Improvement in Living Conditions in Pujehun and Bonthe Districts – June 2013 to May 2016
Implementing Partner: Pujehun Youths for Develop (PYD), 1 District Office Road, Pujehun, Sierra Leone
Project Implemented: From 1 June 2013 to 31 May 2016
Co-Funding Agencies: The German Federal Ministry of Economic Development and International Cooperation (BMZ), KNSL e.V., PYD and Target Group
Funding Cost: € 316.403,00

Project Location and Objectives
The project measures were implemented in three Chiefdoms: Sakrim and Yakemo Kpukumu Krim (YKK) in Pujehun District and Kwamebei Krim in Bonthe District. The overall objective of the project was to help bring about sustainable improvements in food security and socio-economic conditions in the project area.

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Yannick Nothmann won the Youth Prize

May 2015

A student from the Peine district collects money for Sierra Leone, a country shaken up by civil war. For this he received a Youth Prize.

Yannick Nothmann has been helping the Sierra Leone Children’s Network to collect donations for projects and students. Among other things, the money is going to peace projects. Donations also provide scholarships for children who want to go to school in the poor country.

This has not only impressed us, but also others. In May 2015, Yannick Nothmann received the Youth Prize of Braunschweig Cathedral.

The whole report can be found in the Braunschweiger Zeitung.

Agriculture Project is up and running

 February 2014

The tractor is shipped.

The rented tractor is shipped to Massa using the project’s ferry.

For the agriculture project we shipped 2 tractors to Massa and Bengani and the transport itself was already quite challenging as you can see from the pictures below. One the engines is an old Fendt tractor imported from Germany and the other one is a rented tractor that was procured locally in the project region. In the mean time, both have been put to use but unfortunately the rented tractor did suffer from some technical issues.

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KNSL visits the new kindergarten in Pujehun

January 2014

Children at Sam Abu Memorial Pre-School

Children at Sam Abu Memorial Pre-School get a first glimpse of the alphabet.

At the end of January our international liaison officer Edward Mando visited the new kindergarten which has been established in the library building last autumn. The institution is named Sam Abu Memorial Pre-school in honor of the late PYD chairman and school director Sam Abu who was a strong contributor and advocate of our joint KNSL and PYD projects.
As a special gift for the kids Edward brought toys that had been collected from German donors.