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Please support our NGO through your purchases via Amazon

© Preis_king, Pixabay

To all KNSL members, friends and supporters who shop via Amazon: Under their programme “Smile” Amazon donates a small portion of the value of each purchase to non-profit organisations registered with them. Whilst it is only 0.5% of the purchasing value, this can still bring some money if the number of people using this programme is large enough. We have registered our NGO with “Smile” in the hope that this will help us raise funding for our project activities in Sierra Leone.

And this is how you do it:If you would like to support us through your purchases via Amazon, please call up and check if the product you are looking for is listed there. If yes, you can then log in to your Amazon account and select Kindernetzwerk Sierra Leone e.V. from the list of eligible organisations to be supported. If you use the Shopping App on your smart phone, go to Settings and register with the “Smile” programme, then enter Kindernetzwerk Sierra Leone e.V. as the organisation  you wish to support. When you now do your shopping, you will see our name in the menu bar at the top. 

In this way you can support us without any extra cost for you. And if you could kindly share this information with as many friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances as possible, this could really help us raise some extra funding for our education support and other development projects.