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KNSL/PYD receive “Best NGO” Award for 2012 from Pujehun District Student Association

December 2012

NGO award

Best NGO award 2012 for KNSL/PYD

On 27 December KNSL and PYD received the ‘Best NGO’ Award for 2012 from the Pujehun District Student Association. The award was presented at the PUDSA Annual Convention and was granted to honor our development work in the district. KNSL is pleased with this award and of course we like to share this information with all members and donors of our organization.

Agriculture Project has started – but will need more funding

June 2012

With support from the Germany Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, KNSL and PYD have started a project to help increase agricultural production in Sowa Chiefdom in the South of Sierra Leone. Within this project 300 young subsistence farmers will be trained. In order to complete this project we will need additional funds and we would be very grateful for donations to this project. Please, read the detail information in the attached Appeal for Donations to Support the Agricultural Project in Sierra Leone.