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Water Well for the New Library

April 2012

Cistern at Library

Before the construction of the water well water had to be carried in large canisters to the library.

Thanks to generous donations a water well was built for the New Library in Pujehun. We would like to thank all donors for their support of this important infrastructure improvement. Special thanks go to Gymnasium Grotenbach in Gummersbach who made a contribution of € 5.000 from the Christmas bazar 2011.

Gymnasium Grotenbach donates a photocopier for the New Library

February 2011

photocopier in Pujehan Library

The new photocopier is installed in the Pujehun Library.

The former school of our board member Brigitte Steinmetz donated an amount of € 2.700 from the 2010 Christmas bazar to support the purchase of a photocopier for the new library. This enables users of the Library to take printed copies of relevant texts home while the books themselves are only available for reading in the Library.

Opening Ceremony for the New Library

November 2010

Opening of the Library

School children help to prepare for the opening ceremony of the new library.

After a construction perriod of little more than 6 months the new library building was completed on schedule. The opening ceremony on November 21 was attended by representatives of the ministry of education, by local government officials and by many school children from Pujehun. The pupils are very happy about their new, bright and spacious library and are making good use of this new opportunity. As an example, there is a ‘news club’ consisting of school children who meet regularly every Friday to go through the newspapers and to discuss latest news.

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Construction of the new Library Building

September 2010

Pujehun Library

Picture of the new library building next to the Pujehun Community Mediation & Learning Center

The construction of the new  library building has started and is making progress. Unfortunately, prices of some construction materials have gone up significantly over the last year which puts a strain on our project budget.